Sunday, June 8, 2008

Omega 3s

I have come to realize that Omega 3's are an absolute must in any health regime. They help with depression, with fertility, and they especially help pregnancy. Anyone who is not taking an Omega 3 supplement and eating eggs like Christopher's Eggs, is not doing all they can do to be healthy.

First, here is a fantastic report put out in March 2008 that is getting a lot of buzz on all the newswires. Please read the entire report. I have found this report in its entirety online at:

If you want a copy of the report, you can find one on this site:

I personally take Carlson's Cod Liver Oil and Country Life's 1000mg Omega 3. I have found that it has greatly helped with my overall energy levels as well as my state of mind. I highly recommend taking an Omega 3 supplement and eating a diet with foods rich in Omega 3s. Grass-fed beef as well as grass-fed chicken and their eggs are high in Omega 3.

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