Sunday, June 1, 2008

Request a Review/Advertise

Book and Product Reviews - I ask that the author or company send me the item for my personal use. This way I can give an honest review. I will write the review in exchange for the item. The item will be mine to keep after the review is written. A link to the item reviewed as well as a link to the homepage of the site is provided within the review. I do request the permission to use a photo of the item from the company's website if possible.

In addition to the Product review, I afford the company the option to offer a like item for a giveaway. I will conduct the giveaway for you, taking care of the details myself. I request that the company send out the prize to the winner.

I reserve the right to decline any book or product that is not family appropriate as well as reserve the right to decline any image that is not family appropriate.

Once you have emailed me your product idea for a review, I will check out any online material you provide for the item and then reply if it something we would be interested in reviewing. Once the item has arrived please allow 2-4 weeks for each item to be tested and reviewed. I will contact you as soon as your review is live and/or if I need any more information. Products that do not meet our standards will not be reviewed.

Website/blog reviews are $20. (payable via paypal). Your website or blog will be reviewed personally by me. The written review will be a minimum of 200 words. You are afforded the opportunity to ask for specific keywords you would like for me to include along with any specific links you wish linked to those keywords and any image. The review will be posted live on my blog within 48 hours of your request. You will be provided with a direct link to the review post on my blog. Payment for the review is expected within 7 days of the date the review is posted. I reserve the right to decline any website or blog review that is not family appropriate as well as reserve the right to decline any image that is not family appropriate.

Advertise Here

Link Exchange: My Blog to Your Blog vice versa is most welcome and I try to accommodate as much as possible. If text links or buttons are to be exchanged, your button will be placed on my blog roll post.

The following is for business owners or others who do not wish to do a link exchange.

My advertising rates are as follows:

Text Link: $5 per month


  • 88x30 micro bar $5 per month

  • 120x60 button $10 per month

  • 120x90 button $10 per month

  • 125x125 square button $15 per month

All prices are on a month to month basis. At anytime an advertiser fails to pay for the next month's advertising on or before the due date (30 days from time of placement), that advertiser's link or button will be pulled from my blog.

Prices are subject to change. I reserve the right to deny any sites and/or banners at my discretion.

Payments are accepted via paypal and are expected before the text link or button is put onto my blog.

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