Monday, June 2, 2008

Pixie Yerba Mate

A helpful tip I'm passing along to all my friends: I've been able to stop drinking so much soda (i was very addicted to Dr. Pepper) because of Pixie Mate tea. It gives you energy, 800% more antioxidants than tea, helps with metabolism, and all kinds of good stuff. I like the pixie mate brand because it is a lot milder than the others, and therefore, I like the taste better. There are a lot of other brands, but go ahead and Check Pixie Mate out at:

So far I've found it at Whole Foods market ($5) and online.

My favorite flavors are Green Tea Mate and Limon Mate

Here are some store links:

Link to Amazon

Link to Herbtrader

Pass this site on to those you know are addicted to caffeine.... God Bless!

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